Funky Door Knobs and Handles

blue and purple intricate door handle

Images: 1. Bin there, done thatAntique Glass Door Knobs ;  Shabby Coast Cottage via here; 2. Joanne Coyle via Fine Art;  Gritchelle Fallesgon; 3. Sueswink on Tumblr; Distro ArchitectureTrigger Image; 4. Monolo Home; Carrie Thompson on Hubpages; Nkuku Door knobs via By Naturecpence on Flickr; Love & Life StoreDot Com Gift Shop; 5.  Photo by Jenny Downing via here;

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A Room with a View (window seat optional)

Windows – functional and necessary mostly, but with  a little more thought the humble window can beautifully marry the interior and exterior of a room. Here are some of my favorites….


pretty kitchen windows



beautiful view, flowers, nature, view, window



Window Seats 17 36 Cozy Window Seats and Bay Windows With a View

Window Seats 31 36 Cozy Window Seats and Bay Windows With a View



The Truffle Designed by Ensamble Studio



luxury white interior living room with a soft white sofas and  large window

Images: 1. Unknown via here on Tumblr; 2. Houzz via here; 3. Justalittlelouder on Tumblr via here; 4 & 5. Freshome; 6. Ensamble Studio via here; 7. Freshome via here

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A Touch of the Orient

When I lived in the beautiful Moorish Spanish city of Seville in 1996, I took a break from my Erasmus studies to visit the city of Cadiz on the southern Spanish coast. While there, after one Sangria too many, I bought a beautiful mock-oriental rug from a street vendor at 1am. I called it my ‘magic carpet’ and it came from Cadiz to Seville with me, and then to Paris and Brittany in north-west France. It then came all the way back to Ireland with me on a boat.

Today, my ‘magic carpet’ has pride-of-place on my mothers dark wooden oak floors in front of the Aga in the family room. It still looks vibrant, although a little worn but little did I know the Sangria-fueled purchase on the streets of Cadiz would turn out to be one of my most treasured possessions.

I prefer these rugs when they are a little faded, jaded and frayed around the edges – their worn look adds a vintage and bohemian feel to a room. The red and blue color combo in the first image is a lot like my ‘magic carpet’ and this is most definitely my favorite!

bathrooms - Peacocks orange marble vessel sink brass black bamboo wallpaper grasscloth doors oriental rug osborne and little hardwoods beaded chandelier mirror sconces


1. Photo by Emily Johnston Anderson via Aesthetic Oiseau; 2. Sogni e Sorrisi via Village Style Collecting; 3. Source Unknown via Bohemian Pages; 4. Sixx Design via Cococozy; 5. Source Unknown via La Belle Vie; 6. Jamie Meares Home featured in High Gloss Magazine via Sadie + Stella; 7. Natalie Clayman Interior Design on Decor Pad; 8. Source Unknown via Tuesday’s Child; 9 & 10. Source Unknown via Splenderosa Prettiness

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Top 12 Funky Traditional Kitchen Essentials

1. (CW R-L) Cornish Blue Pottery, Cath Kidston Mug, Mason & Cole Pepper Mill,  Bonne Maman Jam and Mrs. Winterbottom’s Butter Dish

Mason Cash Mixing Bowl, Size 4, 14" x 6.25" (9.25qts)

2. The Original Mixing Bowl

3. Le Creuset Cast-iron ware

1Lt Kilner Round Clip Top Jar

4. Kilner Flip-top Storage Jars


5. Traditional European Carafe

6. The Newgate ‘Electric’ Clock 

White Cafe Kitchen with AGA Cooker

7. The Timeless Aga Cooker

8. Traditional Bally Block Co. Butchers Block

Rushbrookes Classic Butchers Stripe Navy Kitchen Apron

9. Rushbrookes Classic Butchers Apron

10. SMEG 50’s Refrigerator 

Weylux Caterweigh Mechanical Dial Scales 20kg Max

11. Traditional Weylux Kitchen Scales

12. KitchenAid Artisan Mixer


Main Image 1. Cornish Pottery via Country LivingCath Kidston, Mrs Winterbottoms Traditional Ceramic Butter Dish from LandisCole & Mason Capstan Pepper Mill Mugs, Bonne Maman Blackcurrant Conserve;

2. Mason Cash Mixing Bowl;

3. Le Creuset via Under the Cottonwood;

4. Kilner Clip Top Storage Jars;

5. Traditional Wine Carafe from Crate & Barrel;

6. Newgate ‘Electric’ Kitchen Clock;

7. Aga Cooker via here;

8. Traditional Bally Block Co. Butchers Block;

9. Rushbrookes Classic Butchers Apron from Smiths of Loughton;

10.  Classic 50’s Smeg Refrigerator

11. Traditional Weylux Kitchen Scales from H.Fereday & Sons ;

12 KitchenAid Artisan Mixer

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If hotel rooms could talk, I don’t mind these one’s talkin’

These are some of the nicer places I’ve stayed. The Hotel de Crillon in Paris is my ultimate luxury destination, I was waited on like a Queen the entire stay – just because that’s their style. The Hollywood Roosevelt was ‘party central’ and sexy but the most magical was the ‘Astarte Suites’ in Santorini, Greece. They say that is where Atlantis is, and looking out over my balcony at that view,  I was inclined to think they were right. As for The Dylan Hotel in Dublin…..massive smiley face!!!

Images: 1. Astarte Suites, Santorini Island, Greece; 2. Hotel de Crillon, Paris, France; 3.  Dylan Hotel, Dublin, Ireland; 4. Hollywood Roosevelt, Los Angeles, California; 5. Hotel Martinez, Cannes, France; 6. Soho House, NYC, New York

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Putting some Light on a Shade-y Topic

My Grandmother had a ‘hand-me-down’ floor lamp in the corner of her sitting room. It was a giant over-sized monstrosity that wore a copper-colored lamp shade with a fringe and tassels that trimmed the scalloped-shaped bottom of the shade. We thought it was ghastly; she called it a Parlor Lamp,  and every time I see one of these over-sized shades, with their tassels and fringes, bell shapes and decorative edgings, I think of my dear Grandmother.

In ways, I think they more ostentatious the shades are, the better – pure Victorian dramatic effect!

Main Images 1. via Afro Chic; 2. Vogue via Cococozy 3. Furniture & Decors

Floor Lamps Image  1. Knicknack Gallery; 2. Grace & Glory Home; 3. Style Hive; 4. Interior Mall; 5. Home Stanstead; 6. Knicknack Gallery

Individual Lamp Shade Images 1. Night Shades; 2 & 3. Vintage Shades; 4. Style Hive; 5. Night Shades 6. Glow Lamp Shades via Meggy Moos; 7. Lamp Antiques 8. Art Maps

Lamp Shades Image  Antique Lamp Co; 2.; 3. Lamps Plus; 4. Imperial Lighting; 5. Pronto Home 6. This Next

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If I were a Bachelor, this would be the Pad

Ah, the Masculine Style – less about the pretty, more about the substance. Dark and broody shades, natural textures, serious tones and sensible structure. I love the fireplace in the first image and the corner glassed Library or ‘Reference Room’ in the third. I can imagine myself writing and flouncing about creatively in the sixth image, relaxing back on the dark jade green flat seat pondering the actualities of what I am writing! The dark paneled feature wall in the second last image is simple yet full of impact, and as for the green hallway – now that’s impressive!

New England Tech | Interior Design Todd_Romano

Masculine Home Interior

moody color

Masculine interior design


lonny issue 5

1. Interior Design; 2.The Craft Begins 3. Todd Romano via here 4. Design by Monica Dalla Polvere via DXW Designs 5. Homedit 6. Roman and William’s Design via Apartment Therapy 7. Steven Gambrel Design via Odi et Amo 8. Lonny Magazine via Apartment Therapy 9. via Bryn Alexandra 10. Casa Sugar 11. Greige

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The Floor Factor

Floors — sometimes we don’t seem them, focusing instead on walls, furniture and soft furnishings. But here are a few with definite Floor Factor. I absolutely adore the two cyan blue painted floors – this quirky, unusual floor color has such impact I am thinking of repainting the wooden floor in my bathroom!

funky floor

LOVE this floor!! by marguerite

Images via: 1. Anne Coyle Interiors 2. Apartment Therapy via here 3. Flor 4. Home Designs 5. Materialicious 6. Mummy Sam 7. Martha Stewart 8. Gaff Rugs 9. Scott Frances 10. Layla Grayce

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A little ray of sunshine inside

The positive glow of yellow, a burst of happiness in-doors, cheery eye-catchers that sparkle up a room. I painted my old wardrobe a bright zesty yellow and it is almost the first thing I see every morning when I wake-up – brightens my day straight away. Here are a few other yellow pieces I found, I love the old-fashioned tasselled overhead lamp – have to keep an eye out for one of those!

I think a piece of yellow furniture should live in our home. 

bright as sunshine

Pinned Image

Cosiness of an old yellow lamp shade Stock Photo - 262349

Love the cart as a side table, the wallpaper and, of course, the yellow lamp. #bedroom #color by georgette

Images via: SherlonkahaiTraditional HomeHouse of Anais;  Bobbi Burgers’ Kitchen via hereMy Latest obsession;  Decor Amour;  What’s Blogging my ViewIndulgyGlam Things

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Home Library Extraordinaire


When I saw this, I just thought –amazing. The entire room is bright, fresh and airy yet the backdrop wall library casts a sincere over-tone so that you know the room means business.

The upper level is accessed by two white spiral stair cases, which almost seep into the room, yet add depth and texture. The splashes of canary yellow, punches of burgundy red on the chairs and the framed pictures all make this a curious home library to dream off!!

Image: Water Mill Real Estate via

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